Monday, 11 September 2017

Potato Salad

For tech class today we made potato salad, It was enjoyable to eat and fun to create. 

Friday, 28 July 2017

Stanley Steamer & Model T - Ford

Today In this reading activity I have found some interesting facts about the Stanley Steamer and The Model T - Ford. I have also found the similarities to both the cars.

What Family means to me

Family Is worth a fortune! Your family will be by your side forever. They’re there through the pain and even through the joy. What ever you go through they are there.

They're here to be relied on. Sometimes siblings can be annoying and not helpful but they are your family (Brothers & Sisters) It gave me time to think carefully about family and what they mean to me.

If I need them they will help me, Family means the world to me. If they weren’t here with me I wouldn’t be who I am today. I thank them with everything I’ve got to please them in a loving way.

That’s what family means to me…

Making Mistakes

Mistakes come and go
But they always tend to flow
Sometimes mistakes can be shown
But most of the time they go

As time passes by
My mistakes come for a visit
I’ve made a lot of mistakes
And for me can never be forgotten
Sometimes it’s worth a sorry
But for me it’s still a worry

Mistakes are what keep me going
And sometimes it’s unknowing
My whole life I thought
Mistakes would turn into jail
When I was thinking it turned me pale
And I always fail  
And my mistakes always lead to a trail

Swearing at my Mum
Wasn't a great idea
I slapped myself painfully
With a tear
It made me cry when I said those painful words
I didn’t mean to say what i said

Friday, 21 July 2017

Otago rail trail

The Otago rail trail seems like a good place to ride bikes and talk with a group of friends. If i were there i would prefer to ride my bike to experience what it would be like to travel through there. I wouldn't mind riding my bike through the Otago rail trail. It seems like a really unique name and it probably is quite a quiet place. 

Famous New Zealander /DLO

This is my facts and digital learning object about a famous New Zealander that is a champion. 

One step at a Time

My group and I were walking into a big huge and large forest. As we were walking into the forest I stopped walking and stared at a beautiful tree it was really long and big. As I was staring at the tree my group had suddenly left to another location. It was frightening and scary because I was by myself. A sudden chill ran down my back and gave me a bad thought about the forest and me being alone. I called them and they never had responded to my calling. 
So I tried finding them with hope. But there was no sound, no chattering no nothing not a single sound from them but my echo. 
As I was walking really slow I heard my group walking and i suddenly found them .