Friday, 21 July 2017

Otago rail trail

The Otago rail trail seems like a good place to ride bikes and talk with a group of friends. If i were there i would prefer to ride my bike to experience what it would be like to travel through there. I wouldn't mind riding my bike through the Otago rail trail. It seems like a really unique name and it probably is quite a quiet place. 

Famous New Zealander /DLO

This is my facts and digital learning object about a famous New Zealander that is a champion. 

One step at a Time

My group and I were walking into a big huge and large forest. As we were walking into the forest I stopped walking and stared at a beautiful tree it was really long and big. As I was staring at the tree my group had suddenly left to another location. It was frightening and scary because I was by myself. A sudden chill ran down my back and gave me a bad thought about the forest and me being alone. I called them and they never had responded to my calling. 
So I tried finding them with hope. But there was no sound, no chattering no nothing not a single sound from them but my echo. 
As I was walking really slow I heard my group walking and i suddenly found them .  

Monday, 17 July 2017

Native Aotearoa

In this activity I had to list down the best haka to the worst haka.
Here is my list of best to worst.

2. https://www.Youtube
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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Keeping New Zealand beautiful

To help my neighborhood and my environment i would: 

1. Ask a group of friends to help clean our neighborhood so that our street is clean.
2. Walk along the foot path with a rubbish bag and see if there are any sightings of rubbish and pick it up.
3. Keep clear of anyone dumping rubbish and ask them to pick it up 

These are a few ways i could help keep our neighborhood clean and tidy. 

Monday, 10 July 2017

Wild eyes

For this activity i have chosen the tuatara because i like the skin and the way it moves i also like the natural color of the tuatara. A tuatara is a lizard or a reptile that has soft spikes along it's neck. A lizard is a reptile that was discovered a century ago. A tuatara loves to eat insects but there common food that they eat are eggs, they even eat the left over scraps from a seagulls meal. Tuatara's mainly live in New Zealand in the south. 

Image result for a new zealand tuatara

Sunday, 9 July 2017

My winter holiday poem

Today I wrote this poem about our two week holiday.